School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

PhD Candidacy

Students should file for Ph.D. Candidacy when they successfully complete the Prospectus (see above). The following requirements must be met for Candidacy:

  • Approved Plan of Work filed with the Graduate School
  • Completion of ~50 credits of graduate coursework.
  • Successful completion of an Oral Exam (satisfied by Prospectus).
  • Naming of the Ph.D. Dissertation Committee (satisfied by Prospectus)

Appropriate signatures are required on the PhD Candidacy form. Please note that although Graduate School policy states that 50 credits of graduate coursework must be obtained prior to declaration of PhD Candidacy, students can submit the form during the semester in which they will obtain 50 credits as long as all other requirements are met.

Download the PhD Candidacy Form

Submit this form to the Graduate School along with the Prospectus form.

Students approved for Ph.D. Candidacy receive an extra $1000, which is added to the annual stipend.