School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Medical Gross Anatomy

Course Director: Dr. Mark Ireland

Gross Anatomy is presented in 4 regional units during a 4-month period (August- November) :

  • Unit I: Upper Limb/Back
  • Unit II: Head/Neck
  • Unit III: Thorax/Abdomen
  • Unit IV: Pelvis/Perineum/Lower Limb

The course consists of 48 regular lecture hours, a 1-hour review of each unit's lecture material, and 92 laboratory hours (full cadaver dissection). Additional enrichment opportunities include a nerve lesion conference with patients, 11 hours of radiology lectures and demonstrations, and 5 hours of clinical correlation lectures. Students demonstrate their proficiency on written and practical examinations held at the end of each of the four regional units of the course.

Recent innovations in the teaching of gross anatomy include:

1) Digitized, self-study of web-based cross-sectional and radiographic images
2) Web-based practical and written quizzes for self assessment
3) Generation of interactive CD’s for study of skull and middle ear
4) Purchase of web- and DVD-based resources
5) Generation of CD’s for make-up practical examinations
6) Creation of an educational resource web-site.

Teaching faculty: Drs. Mihir Bagchi, Anna Ettinger, William Forbes, Dennis Goebel, Harry Goshgarian, Mark Ireland, Harry Maisel, Jose Rafols, Robert Skoff, Paul Walker, Jessie Wood.

Gross Anatomy is also available as a graduate course (ANA 7010, 8 credits) offered in the Fall semester. Interested Ph.D. students may contact the graduate course director for permission to enroll - Dr. Harry Maisel (