School of Medicine

Wayne State University School of Medicine

Medical Neuroscience

Course Director: Dr. Harry Goshgarian

Neuroscience is a 10-week course that runs from mid-March to mid-May during the final stretch of the year 1 medical curriculum. It consists of 72.5 lecture hours and 34 laboratory hours. The course also includes several web-based exercises and reviews, as well as clinical correlations in which the students interact with patients. Faculty members of the Department of Anatomy and Cell Biology have the primary responsibility for lecturing and staffing the laboratories. Lectures are also provided by faculty of the Departments of Physiology and Neurology. In addition, guest lecturers from hospitals in the greater metropolitan area provide expertise in the clinical correlation presentations.

  • Teaching of the Neuroscience course is aided by several tools designed by Anatomy faculty:
  • Atlas of the Human Brain
  • Online Neurocytology exercises
  • Neural lesion CD with neurological signs and symptoms.
  • Video review of the organization of the CNS as well as reviews of laboratory materials.
  • Lab manual with a list of terms that the students are required to know.

Proficiency of students in the course is demonstrated by successfully passing midterm and final examinations.

Core Anatomy Faculty: Dr. Harry Goshgarian, Dr. Zhuo-Hua Pan, Dr. Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, Dr. Jose Rafols, Dr. Paul Walker.

Additional Participating Faculty: Dr. Jeff Ram (Physiology-WSU), Dr. Donald Degracia (Physiology-WSU), Dr. Alex Gow (Neurology-WSU), Dr. Saul Weingarden (St John Providence), Dr. Craig Watson (Neurology-WSU), Dr. Paul Cullis (St. John Providence), Dr. Kumar Rajamani (Neurology-WSU).

Neuroscience is also available as a graduate course (ANA 7130, Neuroanatomy, 4 credits) offered in the Winter semester. Interested Ph.D. students may contact the course director for permission to enroll - Dr. Paul Walker (