Post-doc fellow wins Young Investigator Award
Eversight awards to Wayne State ophthalmology researcher
Wayne State and Harvard researchers secure NIH grant to explore antibiotic repurposing strategy
Dr. Steinle to chair NIH Study Section
Wayne State University scientists discover link between Zika virus and glaucoma
Exploring alternatives to fight serious corneal infections
School of Medicine researcher secures $2.2 million from NEI to fight blinding infection
From Germany to Detroit: Medical student pursuing master's degree on yearlong break wins coveted award from Research to Prevent Blindness
More than 100 graduate students showcase research projects at annual research presentation day
Dr. Ichinose lab nets $1.8 million NIH grant to explore proposed visual motion detection model
Eversight Eye Bank awards $40,000 to two School of Medicine researchers
Departments combine to form new Department of Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences
Pet enthusiast and native Detroit Karen Knopper pledges $1.875 million to the School of Medicine
Departments combine to form new Department of Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences
Dr. Peduzzi-Nelson presents spinal cord injury repair study in Greece
63rd annual Clinical Conference: Update in Ophthalmology
WSU researcher secures grant to further technique that finds earliest start of Alzheimer's in living patients.
Dr. Sosne to join Nobel Prize winners as recipient of the Abraham White Lifetime Science Award
Wayne State University receives $1.9 million NIH grant to develop novel approach to treat bacterial endophthalmitis
Anatomy and Cell Biology Professor Emeritus Dr. David Meyer dies at 94
Eversight eye bank celebrates WSU partnership, researchers with vision grants.
Zebrafish facility to fight childhood leukemia is up and swimming
Wayne State receives $1.9 M NIH grant to develop novel therapy for corneal bacterial infection
Dr. Suvas invited to address nation’s largest cornea conference at Harvard