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Ryan Thummel
Assistant Professor
(313) 577-7762

I joined the faculty at Wayne State University in 2009. My research focuses on retinal development and regeneration in zebrafish. Zebrafish is an attractive model to study neurodegenerative diseases due to its incredible ability to regenerate neuronal tissues. In particular, we are focused on better understanding the molecular mechanisms that underlie retinal regeneration in the adult zebrafish.

I participate in the teaching of Medical Histology and Medical Embryology to first year medical students. I find teaching and mentoring students very rewarding, especially training young scientists in the laboratory. If you are interested in joining the lab, please send me an email.


Awards & Honors

May 1998 Graduated Cum Laude. University of Notre Dame.
Nov 2001 Completed Qualifying Exam with Honors. University of Kansas Medical Center.
June 2002 Most Outstanding Poster Presentation. 42nd Annual Midwest Society for Developmental Biology Meeting and the Singer Symposium.
July 2002 Semifinalist. Outstanding Poster Presentation. 61st Annual Society for Developmental Biology Meeting.
April 2004 First Place Presentation, Developmental Biology Session, Student Research Forum 2004. University of Kansas Medical Center.
June 2004 Defended Dissertation with Honors. University of Kansas Medical Center.
June 2006 Semifinalist. Outstanding Poster Presentation. 7th International Conference on Zebrafish Development and Genetics.
Feb 2008 Cover shot selected for publication in Developmental Neurobiology.

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