Retina Journal Club

Retina Journal Club
2018 Summer

Mondays: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Conference Room, 8370 Scott Hall

Contact: Dr. Ichinose

Date        Presenter                              Paper                       
May 21st Jae-Ik Artificial photoreceptors and nanowire
June 4th    
June 18th Qi Lu Locomotion and Vision
July 9th Tomomi Digital Museum of RGCs
July 23rd Leilei  
August 6th Pan  
August 20th Chase  
September 10th Maesoon  
September 24th Tushar  


Paper Pool

1) Color contrast and ventral motion and RGCs_Sanes_2017

2) VGCC subuits and functional roles_J Neurosci_2017

3) Dopamine-dependent sensitization of rod bipolar cells_Arshavsky_2017

4) Horizontal cell excitatory inputs and ganglion cell response

5) Subretinal transplantation preserved network_2018 J Neurosci