Retina Journal Club

Retina Journal Club
2017 Fall and Winter

Mondays: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Conference Room, 8370 Scott Hall

Contact: Dr. Ichinose

Date        Presenter                              Paper                       
August 28th Maesoon Bipolar cell inhibitory circuit.   New and Views.
September 11th Tushar Leak K channels in the mouse retina_Sci Reports_2017
September 25th Tomomi

Fully automated patch clamp

Robotic patch clamp

October 9th Leilei Dopamine regulation of GABA-A receptors
October 23rd Chase Electrical and chemical synapses
(postponed) Bruce

Outer retinal water diffusion

Thickening of photoreceptor outer segment_2016

November 27th Qi Lu Magnetic recording of Neuronal Acitivity
December 11th Jae-Ik  
December 18th Pan  


Paper Pool

1) 3D imaging of neurons in behaving animals_Neuron 2017

2) Alpha-synuclein and sxocytotim fusion pore_Nat Neurosci 2017

3) Blood-Brain Barrier permeability_Neuron 2017

4) Dynamic epigenetic landscape of the retina_Aldiri et al_Neuron 2017

6) Structure bases of AMPA desensitization_Twomey et al_Neuron 2017

7) VGCC subuits and functional roles_J Neurosci_2017

8) Facial recognition coding_Cell_2017

9) Thickening of photoreceptor outer segment_2015

10) Osmotic swelling of rod photoreceptors_Pugh_2016

11) Oxidative stress and diabetic retinopathy_Berkowitz_2014

12) Imaging of voltage changes in cre neurons_2017