Retina Journal Club

Retina Journal Club
2018 Summer

Mondays: 12:00 pm-1:00 pm

Conference Room, 8370 Scott Hall

Contact: Dr. Ichinose

Date        Presenter                              Paper                       
May 21st Jae-Ik Artificial photoreceptors and nanowire
June 4th    
June 18th Qi Lu Locomotion and Vision
July 16th Tomomi Horizontal cell inputs to RGCs
July 23rd Leilei / DaoQi RGC in vivo recording
August 6th Pan Virtual reality method for mouse behavioral test
August 20th Chase Dopamine-dependent sensitization of rod bipolar cells
September 17th    
September 24th Tushar Vision restoration by de novo genesis of rods


Paper Pool

1) Color contrast and ventral motion and RGCs_Sanes_2017

2) VGCC subuits and functional roles_J Neurosci_2017

3)  Horizontal cell excitatory inputs and ganglion cell response

4) Subretinal transplantation preserved network_2018 J Neurosci