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Vision Core Center Grant

The Vision Core Center Grant is one of 40 NEI/NIH competitively awarded and supported facilities in the country. The work of vision scientists across the campus of WSU and at other institutions is facilitated by research modules located in the Anatomy and Cell Biology Department. These modules provide centralized units which continue to facilitate and enhance vision research at Wayne State University and other institutions such as Henry Ford Hospital, Michigan State and Oakland Universities. The modules cost-effectively enhance current, ongoing research by providing this group of investigators with personnel and equipment to advance, with priority, NEI funded research projects and secondarily provide opportunity for collaboration and development of new pilot projects for future NEI grant submissions. Membership is open to all who are funded by the NEI or who are seeking funding from that Institute.

Two modules are available and include: Imaging/Histopathology and Tissue Culture/Molecular. The Imaging/ Histopathology module provides for all facets of confocal laser scanning, light and electron microscopy, immunofluorescence, image analysis using metamorph imaging software, as well as training on microscopes and imaging software and other module equipment. There is assistance and training in the management of digital images, including digital graphics production, animal slit lamp photography, poster and publication production, digital photography equipment use, high resolution flatbed transparency scanning and imaging computer workstation usage within the module. The Tissue Culture/Molecular module provides assistance and training for preparation of specialized media, isolation, purification and characterization of ocular cells for primary culture, subculture and propagation of established cell lines, and cryopreservation of cells. Assistance and training is also available for fundamental techniques in molecular biology including real time RT-PCR analysis, quantification and imaging of gels and storage of bacteria, vectors and cDNA constructs.

The modules are staffed by three well-trained research assistants who are knowledgeable in the diverse areas of expertise required for each facility. The directorship of each module is composed of established vision scientists who have considerable expertise in the respective research field and who actively function to enhance NEI-supported studies, and develop, encourage and facilitate collaborative efforts in the visual sciences.

Requesting services from the Vision Core

To request services from the Imaging/ Histopathology module or the Tissue culture/Molecular module, please down click on the link to upload the appropriate form, complete, and e-mail it to the address listed in the form.