Medical Neuroscience

Course Director: Dr. Jean Peduzzi Nelson

Course Objective: The objective of this course is for students to gain an understanding of major pathways and structures of the nervous system using an inter-disciplinary approach and how changes in these structures and pathways relate to clinical conditions.

MD 5600 (Yr 1 medical Neuroscience) consists 2 units with 59 hours of lectures, 22 hours of exercise sessions to review nervous system anatomy, and evidence-based learning in the form of case presentations by students, problem based learning, short essay on Neuroscience topic of choice, and team based learning. Weekly quizzes are provided in the exercise sessions and online for lecture material for self-evaluation.

ANA 7130 is a graduate course that consists of lectures, journal club and exercise sessions covering similar material to MD 5600 in more depth.

Cookies & Questions: Session (3 hours) every Saturday to answer question and review difficult concepts. Review session (3 hours) before Unit exams.

Teaching Faculty: Drs. Lourdes Alfonso, Maysaa Basha, Paul Cullis, Donald DeGracia, Maher Fakhouri, Dennis Goebel, Harry Goshgarian, Alexander Gow, Karl Jr. Kado, Zhuo-hua Pan, Jean Peduzzi-Nelson, Kumar Rajamani, Jeffrey Ram, Paul Walker