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Avril Genene Holt

Avril Genene Holt

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Dr. Holt received her undergraduate degree in Biology from Stillman College and her Ph.D. in Neuroscience from University of Michigan. Following her position as research investigator at the University of Michigan, she completed postdoctoral fellowships at West Virginia University and the University of Michigan. Dr. Holt is currently an Associate Professor in the Department of Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences at Wayne State University. Dr Holt lectures and teaches all of the labs in the Medical Histology and Embryology course, which is part of the year 1 Medical School curriculum. Dr. Holt's research in the field of auditory neuroscience has included studies of the anatomy, physiology, neurochemistry and gene expression of the central auditory system. Specifically, Dr. Holt has expertise in deafness related changes in the gene expression and production of neurotransmitters and ion channels in the auditory brainstem. More recently she has expanded her research to include identifying and measuring correlates of central tinnitus and vestibular disorders by modulating and measuring neuronal activity in central auditory pathway. Dr. Holt's lab uses imaging, optogenetics and gene transfer approaches to explore the effects of noise exposure on hearing and balance related disorders.


Research Educator, Full time, PhD, Histology and Cell Biology

Awards & Honors

2016 - Co-Editor of Scientific Foundations of Audiology:  Scientific Foundations of Audiology: Perspectives from Physics, Biology, Modeling, and Medicine, a 16-chapter book with international contributions

2015 - AAMC Mid-Career Women Faculty Professional Development Seminar Attendee Award

2015-2016 - Co-organizer and moderator, 2016 Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Meeting Symposium, titled Designer Treatments for Genetic Hearing Loss: Intersection of Science, Policy, and Access


2013 - Fulbright Specialist Roster Candidate

2012 - 2013 - Co-organizer and moderator, 2013 Association for Research in Otolaryngology (ARO) Meeting Symposium, titled Manganese Enhanced MRI (MEMRI): Advantages for Functional Imaging Symposium

2009 - 2010 - The Ralph C. Wilson Medical Research Foundation Grant

2005 - Selected Participant, Training Course in Aging Research, National Institute on Aging and Geriatrics Center and Nathan Shock Center, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

2001 - 2002 - Postdoctoral Fellowship (T32), Hearing and Chemical Senses Training Program, National Research Service Award

1999 - 2000 - NIH-funded Postdoctoral Traineeship, Kresge Hearing Research Institute, University of Michigan

1999 - Association for Research in Otolaryngology Travel Award

1996 - Rackham Travel Award, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

1993 - Shoals Marine Laboratory Fellowship, Neurobiology and Behavior, Cornell University (Appledore Island, NH)

1993 - Rackham Travel Award, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

1991 - 1996 - Pre-doctoral Fellowship (F31), National Research Service Award, National Institutes of Health (NIGMS)

1990-1991 - Rackham Graduate Fellowship, University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

1988 - 1990 - Intramural Research Training Award, National Institutes of Health (NIDDK), Pre-doctoral Summer Fellowship

1988 - 1989 - Cordell Wynn Honor Society, Stillman College



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