Vision Core Center Grant

The Vision Core Center Grant is one of 38 NEI/NIH competitively awarded and supported facilities in the country. The work of vision scientists across the campus of WSU and at other institutions is facilitated by research modules located in the Department of Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences. The modules cost-effectively enhance current, ongoing research by providing investigators with personnel and equipment to advance, with priority, NEI R01 funded research projects and secondarily provide opportunity for collaboration and development of new pilot projects for future NEI grant submissions.

Three modules are available and include: Imaging/Histopathology, Tissue Culture/Molecular (located in the department based in Scott Hall) and Immunology, located in the Kresge Eye Institute (Ophthalmology).. The modules are staffed by four well-trained research assistants who are knowledgeable in the diverse areas of expertise required for each facility. The directorship of each module is composed of an established vision scientist who has considerable expertise in the respective research field and who actively functions to enhance NEI-supported studies through collaboration.

Requesting services from the Vision Core

To request services from the Immunology moduleImaging/Histopathology module or the Tissue culture/Molecular module, please fill out and submit the appropriate work order forms.