Core modules

There are 3 core modules in the Wayne State University Core Vision Research Center:  Imaging and Histopathology, Tissue Culture and Molecular, and Immunology.  Each module provides essential research support to NEI R01 funded investigators primarily in the Department of Ophthalmology, Visual and Anatomical Sciences, providing genotyping services, high quality images, microscopy training, image analysis, high quality paraffin or cryostat sections and slides, histological stains, flow cytometry analysis, Western blotting and bone marrow chimera development.  The Vision Core Modules are here to enhance the quality of research in the most accurate and economical manner. 

Please cite the Core Grant on all publications P30 EY04068.

Core Manager's Availability


Muhammed Farooq Abdul Shukkur

  • Axioimager
  • Crysostat
  • Leica SP8 Confocal Microscope
  • MicronIV
  • Optivision Viewlight 8U Portable Slit lamp

Imaging calendar


Sharon McClellan

  • Crysostat

Histology calendar

Tissue Culture and Molecular

Manoranjan Santra

  • Bio-Rad Real-time PCR
  • Hood
  • Leica inverted fluorescent microscope
  • Mastercycler PCR
  • Spectrophotometer/platereader

Tissue Culture and Molecular calendar


Robert Wright

  • AccuriC6C

Immunology calendar