Laboratory rotations

Students must perform 3 laboratory rotations prior to the selection of the permanent advisor. Each rotation must be a minimum of 8-weeks and cannot extend beyond a single 16-week semester. The first rotation typically occurs in the Winter semester when coursework obligations are less than the Fall semester. The 16-week rotation window allows time for students to meet their coursework obligations in addition to perform laboratory research. The 2nd and 3rd rotations occur during the Spring/Summer semester and are divided equally into 2-month periods. Since there are no other coursework obligations, it is expected that the student devotes their full attention to their research rotation projects. Students should register for ANA 7270 to receive credit for the research rotation. The number of credits will vary; consult with the Graduate Director on this matter.

Rotation Semester Date
Rotation 1 Winter semester (16-weeks Jan-Apr)
Rotation 2 Spring semester (8-weeks May-Jun)
Rotation 3 Summer semester (8-weeks Jul-Aug)

By the end of 3-rotations, each student should be able to select a permanent advisor