M.S. Program

The Master's Program is an intense two-year program developed for students interested in professional opportunities in either biomedical laboratories or medical education. The program intends to bridge students who are interested in future doctoral or professional programs. Students select one of two available tracks of study: either the Research Track or the Education Track. The first year is focused on coursework and the second year emphasizes hands-on development in research or teaching. A written thesis is required for both tracks.

The Research Track offers specialization in either the Visual Sciences or Neuroscience. Students are provided the opportunity to learn state-of-the-art techniques related to preclinical and clinical research.

The Education Track provides the opportunity to learn and teach Gross Anatomy, Microanatomy (Histology), Embryology, and Neuroanatomy. Students will participate in both virtual microscopy and actual human dissection, ultimately acquiring expertise and marketable skills in teaching related courses.

The Master's Program is designed to be rigorous, with a comprehensive scholarly emphasis. After completion of the program, the overall experience, knowledge, and skills gained during the Master's Program will allow students to apply their newly acquired abilities across a broad range of research and educational settings, as well as support those interested in continuing in a PhD program or health professional school. Review our program guidelines.

Review our program guidelines